Slayer by Emma Dahl


Bend: To shape according to one’s own purpose. To apply oneself closely; concentrate. To relax or make an exception. To force a different direction of shape. To deviate from a straight line or position. To incline the body. To cause a curved or angular shape. To make a concession; yield. To misrepresent; distort. To bring (something) into a state of tension. The act or fact of bending. The state of being bent. Something bent. A town in Central Oregon.

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Mt. Bachelor at twilight last night, 7/21/2015. I don't often share photos with a tent in them because most of the time when I'm camping out of my backpack I'm cowboy camping (on the ground, under the stars) or sometimes in a hammock. What's your favorite way to sleep when you stay in the woods? -Sorry kids, RVs don't count as real camping. ;) Please feel free to share!

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It was a gorgeous hike to Three Creek Butte with the Land Trust on Wednesday!

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If glorious sunsets at Mirror Pond are a dime a dozen, this shot from Clint Melsha Photography makes me want to whip out 20 bucks and purchase a lifetime supply. #InBend

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A pond up at Big Summit Prairie in the Ochocos.

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Marie Luckey GilbertBeautiful!!!2 months ago   ·  1
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